Am I getting the most out of my property investment?

Wellington Rental Property Accounting Services

Whether starting out investing in property or you’re a seasoned investor, you always want to question if your investment/s as a whole are performing well.  This includes:

  • whether your ownership structure is appropriate?
  • how each individual property is performing?
  • what does a good property investment look in the current market?
  • are you taxing advantage of all the tax deductions?
  • will your property sale be taxed on the capital gain?

Affinity Accounting are investors and accountants who know how to super-charge property investment returns

We are both experienced investors and qualified accountants.  The knowledge this brings means we can help you use your property investments to get you closer to your goals.

We do this by:

  • Measuring and discussing each property’s performance
  • Maximising the expenditure you can claim to minimize tax (legally)
  • Make sure your debt is structured optimally to claim the maximum amount of interest across all of your mortgages
  • Manage your property financials and tax for peace of mind, and giving you the freedom to do what you love

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If you’re not making the most from your property investment as possible, then you’re only going to take longer to get to your goals or fall short.

Partner with Affinity Accounting to improve your property returns.

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