Starting a Business but where do you start?

Wellington Business Startup Services

You’re really good at what you do – the technical side of your craft but chances are you don’t know much about the “business side”.  You may have a lot of questions in your head like:

  • How do I manage cashflow?
  • Company or sole-trader?
  • Best methods of invoicing?
  • How do I put aside and pay my taxes?
  • Do I really pay no tax in my first year and then 2 years worth the following year?
  • What expenses can I claim?
  • What options do I have to fund the business?
Start Up

Experienced Business Advisors who have helped hundreds of startups start and succeed

The solution lies largely in experience.  Learn from other’s failings – you don’t need fail yourself to learn how it’s done (contrary to what a lot of so called experts say)!  We’ve been advising new businesses for decades so know what works, what doesn’t and the best practices for success.  This is what we provide to help you on your new journey:

  • Expertise and support to give you the right answers when you need them.
  • We explain all this new info to you in plain English – we know you’re not an accountant so we won’t speak accountantese to you!
  • Affinity has the systems in place to deliver results efficiently

Remember – support is crucial in this stage of a business as history has proved that most businesses fail in the early stages.

Don’t go it alone - Partner with us now

If you’ve made the big decision to start a new business, get in touch now BEFORE you start, so we can help you get setup correctly, save you hassles down the track and have an efficient setup from the start.  We can also discuss how we can assist beyond the setup for success longer-term.