Do You Feel Unsupported At Times But Want To Make Improvements To Your Business?

Wellington Quarterly Coaching Services

A small business can be a lonely place at times.  Even with staff and maybe a business partner, it can be difficult making even minor improvements to the business.

After all, it is human nature that without support and accountability, we procrastinate and fail to follow through on things.

We all know the buck stops with the owner/s, but even the most successful of business people need a coach or support person.

Professional Coaching

Quarterly Coaching: Accountability, Support & Results

In the regular meetings (usually quarterly but can be more frequently) we can help pin point the top issues in your business and work on solutions with you.

Having an external sounding board helps remove your mindset from working IN your business and focuses working ON the business.  This makes it easier to overcome those challenging issues.

We will hold you accountable to the action points set in the regular meetings so that it drives execution and therefore, resolving the identified issues.

The outcomes are increased profitability and better cashflow, better alignment with your company values, and driving the business closer to your goals.

Partner with Affinity Accounting with Quarterly Coaching

If you are coachable and want to actively tackle the issues in your business, contact us NOW.

Together, we can plan, implement and execute the actions to improve your business performance.