Love Completing GST Returns?

Wellington GST Returns Services

Do you complete your GST return on time, every time?

Do you understand the overall theory behind GST and why is payable by businesses in NZ?

Do you have the time and resources to accurately complete your GST returns?

Do you review your transactions in the return to make sure your GST calculation is correct before filing?


Did You Answer NO to Any of the Above Questions?

Then its like you need some assistance with completing your GST returns.

Our process involves processing the return, reviewing the details for accuracy, filing the return and advising you of the payment details – the latter is all you need to worry about – just setting up the payment.

We understand the GST Act and how all of its provisions apply.  This means when we review our GST returns, we can confidently confirm they are accurate before we file.  This can help when you get a refund also, as the IRD are more confident in the result when a trained tax agent completes the returns.

Because we do these returns every month for dozens of clients, we efficiently complete the returns while you continue working on what you do so well.

Don’t Try and Do It All – Leave Your GST Returns to Us!

Let the professionals in this space take care of your GST returns.  When you actually factor in what it costs your business to complete the returns yourself, its usually more cost effective to leave it to the Affinity Team.