Love Preparing Income Tax Returns?

Wellington Income Tax Return Services

Didn’t think so – but we do!

Most people find these tasks labouring and dread that time of year.

Contacting Inland Revenue can be a nightmare – it can sometimes take hours just to speak to someone on the phone and then when you do, they aren’t particularly helpful.

Why Use Affinity Accounting to file your tax returns?

  1. We are a registered tax agent with Inland Revenue.  One of the best benefits of this is an extension of time – instead of the usual 7th July deadline to file your return, we get until 31 March the following year.
  2. The other benefit of being a tax agent is we get better access to IRD support. We get to deal direct with more experienced IRD staff and without such long phone queues.
  3. We are highly experienced and know what we’re doing!  We do this stuff daily, not once a year.
  4. As we understand tax law and the Inland Revenue processes inside out, we’re able to explain what this all means to you in simple, plain English.
  5. Got a tax question – give us a call and we’ll give you an answer straight away!

Get back your time and put it to better use…

Contact us now to use our expertise to complete your income tax returns and get more of your life back!