Can Anyone Setup Xero For Their Organisation?

Wellington Xero Setup Services

Xero seems so user friendly and simple to use so you feel like it wouldn’t be too difficult to setup right?

Wrong – from what we’ve seen at least!  The common errors we’ve seen from a DIY approach are:

  • Bank feeds setup wrong with missing and/or duplicate transactions;
  • GST details setup wrong;
  • The wrong chart of accounts used;
  • Conversion date issues.

Getting these wrong costs the organisation time and money to fix – over and above what it would cost if setup had been done correctly from the start.

What Is Involved In A Xero Setup?

There are two types of Xero setups – a new entity and for an existing entity.  Setting up Xero for an existing entity to replace the current accounting system is known as a Xero Migration.  This is particularly complex as there is the previous data to consider and you want to avoid doubling up on entering data into Xero that has already been entered into the previous system.  There are importing tools we use to pick up data from the old system and upload into Xero to be a seamless as possible.

A new Xero setup doesn’t have the historical data to deal with but it still needs to have the right structure from the start. This ensures that your accounting system is accurate and not giving the wrong information to the users.

How We Can Help?

If you are considering using Xero for your accounting system, contact Affinity Accounting now.  We are Xero certified and having been users since 2008.  We will get you setup promptly and with no stress to you.

We can also review your other systems you use in your organisation to see if better alternative apps can improve the way you work.